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Methods for objectifying staffing

for institutional clients and larger decision-making bodies

initial position

You represent a public institution, an NPO or are looking for a partner to carry out a selection process for a heterogeneous decision-making body. Legally compliant tenders, objective evaluation procedures and reliable decision-making bases are central to you.

consulting approach

We take care of the design and implementation of the entire staffing process for you. This begins with the development or specification of the requirement profile (also in the form of workshops), continues with the design of an objective selection process (longlist, shortlist, testing, individual assessments) and the preparation of comparative reports, and extends to the preparation and moderation of the Hearings and the contract closing with the first ranked candidate. On request, we can supplement a (mandatory) advertisement with headhunting of potential ideal candidates in order to be able to consider a correspondingly attractive set when selecting candidates. Of course, we also take care of all organizational and communicative agendas, comprehensible documentation as well as the corresponding media management and data protection compliance.

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