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My learnings after four years in the United States

It has almost been 3 months since I arrived back from California, where I lived for the past 4 years. What I thought was gonna be a one-year adventure turned into studying abroad. With it came lots of challenges, joys, and growth. Overall, there are lots of things I can bring to the table thanks to this experience.

English language skills are of great value. While I already spoke English fluently before moving abroad, my time there has only led me to improve my skills even further. Not only have I learned to understand different accents in English, but even slang, mumbling, and fast-paced talking is not a hurdle in my understanding anymore. Overall, this leads to much better communication, especially, if candidates do not speak German fluently. There are fewer misunderstandings and processes are therefore easier and faster.

Furthermore, to live in another culture firsthand and for a long period of time makes you more empathetic to other people’s behavior, feelings, and experiences. Cultural awareness is an attribute that is crucial in recruiting and headhunting. The work of recruiters involves constant contact with people from many different countries, who all have different customs and values. It is especially significant since immigration rates in Austria are high. Displaying understanding towards certain experiences, makes people feel more accepted and valued. Spaces in which everyone can feel comfortable pave the way for open communication and consequently create better results.

Additionally, in American colleges, the critical thinking approach is the golden standard. Classes always involve questioning the status quo and discussing new ideas. Importantly, you must always have strong arguments to support your claims. While things are constantly changing in this world, it is important to not accept everything as it is. “This is how we always used to do it, so it must be right” equals staying in the comfort zone. With a mindset that shows the significance of questioning everything, it allows for new perspectives, creative ideas, improved processes, and better outcomes.

To sum up, living abroad fosters numerous essential qualities. Proficiency in English, as the main business language within Europe, is vital, but one should not forget the importance of cultural awareness and the improvements that can come along with critical thinking.


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