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Our application process

Frequently Asked Questions

It is particularly important to us that you, as a candidate or applicant, feel that you are in good hands. Since we are aware of our responsibility that we bear in the context of a potential change decision, we try to communicate to you as transparently and authentically as possible what pros & cons the positions we offer would mean for you. At the same time, we would like you to know how our application processes work and what our screenings for candidate preselection are based on.


application process

Which jobs does MALY & PARTNER advertise?

Our advertisements are usually based on an order from corporate customers who make use of our support in finding and selecting personnel. We also occasionally advertise internal positions, but this is shown separately. 

Where can I find the positions advertised by MALY & PARTNER?

We will post all positions that we publish on our website in our Candidate Center. Of course, depending on the target group, you will also find our advertisements on the usual Austrian or international job portals.

Are there positions that are not advertised publicly?

Yes, if a public tender would be counterproductive for the necessary discretion in filling vacancies. In this case, we contact potential candidates directly via classic headhunting, via social business networks (e.g. LinkedIn) or directly from ourTalent & Executive Pool

What information do I receive before applying?

We try to make our advertisements as informative as possible. Of course, we have to omit confidential internal information from our clients and try to address broader target groups. If you have any specific questions prior to an application that are relevant to an application decision, please do not hesitate to contact usto contact.

How do I ensure the confidentiality of an application?

In any case, we will treat your application confidentially and will not pass your application information on to third parties. If you are interested in direct contact with one of our clients as part of the selection process, please give your consent to the forwarding at this point.

How can I apply for an advertised position?

The fastest, easiest and safest application method is the online application directly via ourCandidate Center(by prescreen). Alternatively, you can email your application tojobs@maly-partner.atsend. However, please also note our data protection declaration for e-mail applications and that e-mail communication is not one of the secure data transmission methods. We also offer the option of applying via WhatsApp directly from your smartphone (and submitting documents later if necessary).

What documents do you need from me?

In addition to your master and contact data, we need your CV in tabular form. In addition, we look forward to receiving a letter of motivation, service and training certificates, references, project lists, work samples, etc. If one of these documents or additional information is absolutely necessary for a selection process, we will of course inform you.

Has my application arrived?

Both in the case of an online application and in the case of an application by e-mail, you will receive confirmation that your application has been included in the pool of applicants. Please also check your spam/junk email folder. If you have not received a corresponding message after 48 hours, please contact us.

selection process

What criteria are used when selecting candidates?

Depending on the job profile and requirement profile, we define criteria that are roughly stated in the job advertisement. Please understand that other selection criteria are also applied and that these can also change as part of a selection process (due to structural changes at our client, market developments, etc.). Anyway, we'll see youequal treatment  of all candidates.

Who conducts the screening?

The screening of your documents and the decision as to whether we invite you to an interview is the responsibility of the respective project manager, who has in-depth experience in the selection of personnel for the relevant job descriptions and knowledge of the recruiting company and the position in question.

When will I be notified?

Our goal is to keep you waiting as little as possible. You will usually receive initial feedback on how to proceed within a few days. Please understand that with a very high number of applicants, during holiday periods or with more general job profiles, the period may be somewhat longer. You are welcome to contact us at any time - if possible, we will be happy to provide information about the current status of your application.

What are the steps in the selection process?

We design each selection process individually. If your application is further considered, you will receive an invitation to a telephone, personal or video interview. The personal interviews take place in our office at Marokkanergasse 7, 1030 Vienna. Video interviews are conducted with the tool of our partner Prescreen. Depending on the set-up of the selection process, there are then other interviewees, tests, case studies or team meetings. However, this is always announced in advance.

How long does an interview take and how can I prepare?

You should allow at least an hour for a personal interview, as we would like to clarify with you whether the vacancy we want to fill matches your goals and skills. For video calls, please allow about 30 minutes. In most cases, this is followed by a personal interview at the earliest possible date.

When do I get to know my potential employer?

We represent the philosophy that personal chemistry and the future work environment are essential for your decision to change and vice versa for the hiring decision of your new employer. We are therefore trying to arrange a personal meeting with the decision-makers as soon as possible. In individual cases - in the case of very confidential tenders - we have to take further steps such as agreeing on an NDA (non-disclosure) or something similar.

Will I get a rejection if my profile doesn't fit?

In any case, you will receive an answer from us - even if your profile does not optimally match our advertisement. We try to communicate cancellations as appreciatively and quickly as possible.

Do I get an individual reason for the rejection?

Please understand that for various reasons (use of resources, confidentiality, etc.) we cannot give individual reasons for our cancellations. Please try again to match the job description with your profile and keep in mind that different skills or experiences can also play a role. If individual feedback is still essential for you, please contact us.

What happens after I have received a rejection?

We keep your documents for 6 months after the end of the selection process. This is required by law so that we can answer any questions about equal treatment. You then have the option of registering in our Talent & Executive Pool so that we can proactively contact you about future suitable job vacancies.

Can I get a refund for my travel expenses?

Please note that we will under no circumstances cover the costs of travel and meals in the course of initial consultations. If further discussions are associated with travel or subsistence costs, the assumption of costs in the run-up to the trip will be offered in individual cases. Please talk to us actively about this before you start your trip.

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