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Strategic personnel consulting

for owner-managed companies or medium-sized units

initial position

Your internal personnel management is exclusively in the hands of the managers? Does your human resources management focus on administration or payroll? As the owner or managing director, are you looking for an external sparring partner to challenge your HR management? 

consulting approach

All business is people business - and there is a lot at stake. Based on our cross-industry customer portfolio, we have already been able to gain insight into a wide variety of organizational forms, corporate cultures, organizational structures and process landscapes. We've seen what doesn't work and know the best practices. As an external partner, we work with you to evaluate which urgent and which long-term additions your HR management needs in order to turn your workforce into a competitive advantage. We take on analysis and conceptual tasks and provide operational support in essential project phases. Our wealth of experience includes instruments that contribute to an increase in performance in the areas of recruiting, development & retention, from organizational change to succession management, team analysis, competency mapping and exit interviews to the definition of your employer USP.

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